Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Abang!

On last Sunday, my big boy just turned FOUR.

Interesting facts about MY BIG BOY, Musa..

  • he knows the alphabet by singing ABC

  • he knows numbers 1...up to hundreds

  • he knows colours but still confused pink and purple ;)

  • he is independent and take care of this small bro

  • he is sooo talkative...and friendly too

  • he always has his own thoughts and final say about something

  • he is good in negotiating especially to get what he wants

  • he is very attached to his Ayah

  • he likes cars and motorcycles

Thanks to Gee for this 'THOMAS' cake! :D Cantik sangat...

Musa kata "Ajim makan mata Thomas!" Haha...

As always we sent it to the nursery for the kids to enjoy!


Wednesday, June 01, 2011


"Bukan senang nak masuk syurga"...itu yang keluar from the bottom of my heart.

I realised that I am still not a GOOD slave to Him, a GOOD wife to my husband, a GOOD mother to my boys, a GOOD daugther to our parents and a GOOD employee to my company...

It is not because of anyone fault, it is because of my weakness!

and He said to me...

"An identified weakness is a blessing to grow and culture the strength"

Yes, I know now...I am not perfect (SEMPURNA) and that is sooo true! It's a blessing because I know my weakness and it is time for me to IMPROVE!

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