Saturday, December 21, 2013

Birthday izmin 19 dec 2013

*Kak irah, Farah Ru, Marie, Asma, Imin, Shima and Wani*
Hope u like the surprise 'not so surprise' party that we have organized without u..hihi. 

Love and Salam ~Marie~

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weekend outing with the kids..

Busy kids ;)

At Batu Feringghi beach last weekend on sunny sunday morning. My kids with their cousins are busy by the beach, macam-macam aktiviti diorang reka...

Outing ni wajib setiap kali cuti sekolah dan cousins semua berkumpul ramai-ramai. Best!~

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Height measurement

*Giraffe Height Measurement bought in Mr DIY Jusco Perda*
*Photo: Giraffe Neck*
Bila musim cuti sekolah ni..ramai la kat rumah my in law. So bila kami keluar eldest son with his cousins menggunakan masa untuk ukur tinggi masing-masing kat giraffe neck. Tengokla budak-budak ni tulis gaya mcm mana i tulis bila ukur tinggi my kids, "name age date". Selalunya I akan ukur tinggi my sons once a year..pandai budak-budak ni, siap dgn date tu..

Budak-budak yang pandai menulis dan membaca, so membesar mengikut perkembangan la ni. Ada saja benda baru yang diorang nak cuba..which is tak? Hehe

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

25 tips to lose weight

I need some motivation to stay slim..haha :D rasa mcm dah gemuk ni. 

Cepat sebelum terlambat..uwaaaa

Let's start with the tips;

  1. First thing in the morning drink 1 cup of warm water with lemon
    Drink lots of water throughout the day and with all meals
  2. Drink lots of green Tea (in morning: has natural caffeine) and eliminate all juice (except natural pomegranate juice), diet and regular soft drinks. Drink only 1 cup  of coffee a day)
  3. Never ever eat sugar, this also means nothing white (no white Pasta, bread or potatoes (nothing processed, also known as "eating clean")
  4. Eat whole foods (includes whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread. Read labels, companies put white flour in and call it whole wheat)
  5. Eat all the vegetables you want (limit carrot sticks)
  6. Eat 5 small meals a day (This includes snacks) 
  7. Do not eat anything after 7PM
  8. Eat mostly lean protein & limit bad carbohydrates (absolutely no chips, popcorn, cookies, cake etc. no junk food) 
  9. Eat only 1 fruit a day, and before 12 noon. (Eat fruit from berry family: Blueberries, strawberries, cranberries)
  10. Do ½ hour to 45 minutes of cardio, preferably walking on an incline every day and 2 one hour Arthro-Pilates™ classes a week. (Consult a doctor before beginning any exercise program)
  11. Do light weight training 3-5lbs for upper body 3times a week
  12. Drink 1 protein drink a day (skim milk with whey protein isolate powder with greens + powder in morning) 
  13. Eat the good fat (olive oil, fish oil, flax seed oil or seed)
  14. With doctors permission only, take CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) as per body weight to reduce abdominal fatNote: This is not for everyone!
  15.  Get 8 hours sleep
  16. Minimize stress to minimize stress hormones (and reduce abdominal fat)
  17. Snack on a small amount of almonds (5 at a time) throughout the day (4 times a day maximum)
  18. Never weigh yourself (judge progress by clothing size, inch loss, only)
  19. Write a food diary every day to stay on track
  20. Eat low fat dairy products such as plain yogurt, cottage cheese, skim milk. (No solid cheeses)
  21. Read labels. Look for no or low sugar grams, no trans fat and only whole wheat.
  22. Take a good quality multi vitamin/mineral a day
  23. Eat tofu, Beans, and Legumes
  24. Never go on a restrictive diet or on a program diet (They only  serve to mess with your metabolism and eventually make you gain more weight, in the long run.) To maintain a good weight and toned body requires a lifestyle change, not a fad diet or program. 
  25. Feel good about who you are, as you are. Acceptance is key

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Ideapad s410s..yahoooo!

Hasil tangkapan di PC Fair, PISA early this morning ;-) by Mr Hubby..yummmehhh..yang menariknya I xtau guna Windows 8. Haha..kena blajo laaa :-P

Kisahnya laptop lama hard disk crash..habis all the information gone. Sayang...but what to do. Laptop tu dah selamat di jual kepada new user after the hard disk been replaced. 

Will have some fun with this new toy ;-) and also this new Canon Pixma printer/ scanner/ copier/ fax...wahhh all in one :D

Here is the laptop features which I think come with a good deal at the PC Fair.

IdeaPad S410 Features


Weighs Less Than 4lbs; Less Than 1" Thick
Whether you're on the road, at the café, or on the way to class, at just 1.8kg (3.9 lbs) and 21mm (0.8") thick, the S410 won't weigh you down.

me: tak berat sangat, senangla untuk bawak ke mana-mana :)

**Up to 5 Hours Battery Life
Stop worrying about your battery: With the IdeaPad S410, you can enjoy **up to 5 hours of productive use between charges. Lenovo Energy Management protects the long-term durability of the battery and uses advanced energy-saving technology to increase time spent between charges.

me: laptop baru selalunya battery memang tahan lama

Colorful Design
The S410 boasts a tactile exterior and comes in a range of colors – it looks as good as it performs.

me: pilihan warna hitam nampak lebih elegan..hihi walaupun saya sendiri je yang nak tengok :)

Stereo Speakers With Dolby® Advanced Audio™ v2
The S410's speakers provide rich stereo sound, while Dolby® Advanced Audio™ v2 enhances audio clarity and delivers a vibrant surround sound experience.

AccuType Keyboard
The acclaimed AccuType keyboard is ergonomically designed to make typing more comfortable and to reduce errors.

14-Inch HD Display
The 14" LED backlit HD display delivers bright, crisp visuals in 16:9 widescreen.

Lenovo Cloud Storage
Share media on any device from any location with Lenovo Cloud Storage. In addition to its wide-ranging device support, Lenovo Cloud lets you push content to mobile devices and supports viewing files via and internet browser.

Multitouch Touchpad
Optimized for Windows 8, the intuitive, easy-to-use touchpad features simple scroll, zoom, and rotate functions.

Wireless Display
Enjoy content from your S410 on a big screen wirelessly with Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) technology.

Simple Maintenance
With OneKey® Rescue System, recovering from viruses or other technical difficulties is a snap. The Lenovo S310 also makes it easy to back up your system and scan for and kill viruses.

WiFi, Bluetooth
With 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connectivity and optional Bluetooth® 4.0, you'll be able to connect wherever you go.

Fast Data Transfer
Move data between the U410 and other devices quickly with USB 3.0 – it's up to 10 times faster than previous USB technologies.

Integrated Webcam
The U410's integrated 720p HD webcam will help you enjoy web conferences or online video chats like you're really there.

me: Tak pandai nak komen sangat sebabnya belum 100% guna lagi this laptop so kena try habis habisan dulu..see u all then..

Love and Salam ~Marie~
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