Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Travel My Way" - Part One

How to make your travel tour planning better?

Destination: Hong Kong

First, search for the destination interesting places. 
For example if you want to go to Hong Kong, you may search for "interesting places Hong Kong" and Google will definitely find it out for you. There are so many websites out there who can tell you about all interesting places in Hong Kong, the location and map of Hong Kong.
Give some time to yourself (browsing and reading). Perhaps you can have a better picture about your travel destination ;) maybe...

One of the best information can be found on Trip Advisor
- you may get some idea what can you do in Hong Kong - attractions, activities, nightlife and SHOPPING!
- you may see people review from all around the!
- and many more infos :)

Then, you can now make your own list
List down all the interesting places that you want to go...

...will continue in "Travel My Way" - Part Two...

Love and Salam ~ Marie ~
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good News : To all Lovely Divers ;)

I watched this advert in ASTRO last weekend and you can see the web about Astro Kasih Beautiful Malaysia.  My hubby and I were so tempting to register in this activity!!~ Best kannn...dup dap dup dap, sebab dah lama tak menyelam :D

Adoi bestnya...tapi mampu ke nak tinggal the kids :p hmm and am I qualified for this? :D hehe, masih mahu tapi mencari alasan...

The registration is still open to all DIVERS out there. Register NOW ;)

This is the right time to be in "GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS"

Some info to share here and it can be found in the website too!


Our oceans have always been a dumping ground for toxic wastes, rubbish and other harmful materials; all of which are major sources of pollution. 

Underwater cleanups and conservation are great ways to help protect the marine environment. That's why in 2011, as part of our conservation initiative, Beautiful Malaysia saw divers, both local and foreign, breaking the Malaysia Book of Records by planting 777 individual corals at the Ribbon Reef in Tun Sakaran Marine Park. 

This year, we will try to carve our names in history with a Guinness World Records title for the longest underwater cleanup. 

Starting April 6th to April 13th 2013, this 168-hour, 7-day feat will take place at 14 dive sites surrounding Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 

As a volunteer, not only will you help make a difference but also be part of a world record attempt in the longest underwater cleanup. All you need is an Open Water Diver's Certificate.


Love and Salam ~ Marie ~

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flashback ~ TV Series Part 1

Ntah macam mana boleh keluar cerita pasal series yang kami tengok time dulu-dulu. 

Antara series yang saya sangat suka dulu dan memang ikut la perkembangan ceritanya - Desperate Housewive, Sex and the City :p, Tru Calling and Charmed (ok-ok la...). Tru Calling was my favourite dulu sampai memang rela bersengkang mata la on weekend sebab nak tengok series ni at 8TV (hanya kisah suatu masa dahulu...)

Saya memang minat cerita-cerita supernatural ni :) haha....yet menakutkan diri sendiri. 

was on 2003-2005

Sekarang I am more to series macam Lost (yang memang terus lost lah bila sampai season 4...huh!), Grey's Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer and few more...and nanti kita story pasal movie pulak kannn...wahhh menariks!

The first season in 2004

Reality game show time dulu yang saya rasa macam sangat best is The Apprentice, season 1 was on air in 2004. Wow...lamanya :) and I still remember the winner's face Bill Rancic (yer la...sebab sekarang pun he is still ada dalam his life reality show but saya dah takde masa nak ikut...haha)

Oklah, cukup la review pasal TV series. Nanti kalau berkesempatan kita cerita lagi...bye!

Love and Salam ~ Marie ~

Thursday, January 10, 2013

How are you feeling today?

Happy - or - Sad?

Did you know?
Always remember Him :)

Love and Salam ~ Marie ~

Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 to all...!

Another new year has come :)

Welcome 2013

"Semoga Allah memberikan tahun baru ini yang terbaik buat kita semua"

Take some time to reflect back what we have done and achieved in 2012

Maybe we need to stop some activities  which do not give any benefit to us
Maybe we need to try something new this year
Whatever it is, may this new year come with all good things in life
Always pray for the best!

Love and Salam ~ Marie ~
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